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Glamping tents

Near by the beach on the forest slope down to the sea, you will find our glamping tents. The tents are cosily furnished with everything you need to unwind in nature. All tents have luxurious double beds from "Hästens" with direct views of the water and the archipelago. Each tent stands on its own deck with a terrace and comfortable armchairs. This is simply a place of rest and recovery for both body and mind.


The glamping experience

Our glamping tents are a perfect experience for the couple or friends who want to enjoy the tranquility of nature and just be able to breathe.

The glamping tents are furnished for two people. In addition to the large double bed, the tent is equipped with what is needed to assume a supine position

and just enjoy life.

Family Glamping

Our family glamping is the perfect choice when you want to bring the whole family and relax. These tents are larger than our other tents and furnished for four people.

 With a view of the sea but close to the playground, beach, ice cream kiosk, and adventure golf, it suits both young and old.

The tents are equipped with a large double bed and two smaller beds of 80 cm so that the whole family can sleep comfortably.

Interior in our glamping tents: 

Blankets and pillows ✓

Breakfast ✓

Coffee maker ✓

Kettle ✓

Mini fridge ✓

Deck chair for the balcony ✓


In the campsite's kitchenette, there are equipment for cooking and crockery in locked cupboards dedicated to the Glamping.

Bed linen and terrycloth are always included when booking our Glamping.

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