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Our beach

Certified with Blue Flag

Our beach is certified with Blue flag. This is proof that we care about the environment, water quality and wildlife. Something we are incredibly proud of!

Blue Flag Sweden has been responsible for the Blue Flag program in Sweden since 2014. Certification is international and each individual country has a jury that decides which facilities are forwarded to the international jury for a decision on certification to be given. The jury in Sweden consists of experts in the areas of environment, water quality, water safety and port and boating issues.


Blue Flag is run by the non-profit organization  Foundation for Environmental Education  and is an international environmental award found in 45 countries around the world. Blue Flag started in France in 1985 and since 1994, Blue Flag has existed in Sweden.

Blue Flag is an award and a tool for sustainable development.
Today there are criteria for:


Bathing places.
Recreational marinas (guest harbors, marinas and boat clubs).
Operators for boat tourism (tour boats, fishing, seal and whale safaris and more).

In addition, there is a Blue Flag for individual boat owners (then called individual Blue Flag).

Visit their website for more information -

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